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Joe’s Farm Grill

Picnic-table paradise for the whole family (including Fido)

Bring the family to Joe’s Farm Grill for a community picnic unlike any other. Tasty seasonal milkshakes, juicy burgers, savory ribs, fries and pizza – the focus is on “common food done uncommonly well.” The Agritopia community in Gilbert where Joe’s Farm Grill is located contains approximately 12 acres of permanent urban farming. Farming began on the property in 1927, and was purchased by the Johnston family in 1960. They built the structure that is now Joe’s Farm Grill as their family home in 1966. The mature trees were preserved when the community was built, creating the perfect outdoor setting for the restaurant. In redeveloping the home into Joe’s Farm Grill, the 60’s-era look was retained, but transformed into a mid-century modern burger stand design. The butterfly roof and open breezeway makes for a patio that blends the indoors and outdoors. From a menu standpoint, Joe’s Farm Grill employs the freshest quality ingredients, using as many as possible from The Farm right at the front door. Local beef is used for the burgers, and specialty sauces are made in house, with zero trans-fats. The menu changes to reflect the season so that flavors are at their peak. That makes any time of year perfect to enjoy outdoor dining at Joe’s Farm Grill.

  • Family-friendly eats like juicy burgers, fries, pizza, salad and ribs
  • Indulge in a tasty milkshake (ask for the seasonal flavor) topped with a colorful cherry
  • Next door, grab a stellar cup of joe at The Coffee Shop at Agritopia



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