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La Encantada

Old-world charm meets modern luxury retail in the Sonoran Desert

Spanish architecture complete with sweeping staircases and authentic courtyards make La Encantada an Old World-meets-modern style shopping oasis. With two levels of high-end stores like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co., there are endless shopping possibilities. Kids, teens and adults all have a store to fit their needs. Other popular stores include Gymboree, Lucky Brand, True Religion, Tommy Bahama, lululemon athletica, and Coach. When it’s time to eat, dining options are plentiful. Restaurants include RA Sushi Bar, North Italia, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill and Blancos Tacos +Tequila. For an extra special treat, Frost a Gelato Shoppe is a family favorite. In addition to retail and dining services, there are a variety of complimentary events and activities hosted by your favorite stores. From complimentary yoga classes at lululemon athletics to women’s education events, there is always a chance to mingle with people who have similar interests at the stores you love. La Encantada is also dedicated to maintaining the quintessential Spanish-inspired ambiance with sustainable practices. Keeping a close eye on recycling management, energy and water usage, using green cleaning products and more ensures that your shopping experience is the safest and most eco-friendly it can be. Community engagement is also one of the center’s main missions. Every year, La Encantada donates gift cards and services to a wide range of local organizations. Located in Tucson’s Sonoran Desert, La Encantada offers the ideal setting for an all-inclusive shopping, dining and entertainment experience.

  • Two levels of outdoor shopping and dining
  • Spanish-style architecture with sweeping staircases and homey courtyards
  • High-end retail stores include Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co.


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